The first choice when
* youth exhibit a moderate level of emotional or behavioral problems
* youth require increased supervision due to a specific medical condition
* youth are being stepped down from more intensive services

This program service provides an environment for youth with moderate levels of acting out behavior to identify and address issues that required removal from the family setting. Such issues may include anger management problems, substance abuse issues or truancy. The goal is to stabilize children at this level in order to accomplish reunification with the family or to begin the adoptive placement process. Licensed Social Workers, trained foster parents and clinical staff work as part of a team to identify and deal with issues that keep families apart. For adoption, trained assessors help to identify, train and provide support to prospective adoptive parents of special needs children. Special training and support is available to foster /adopt parents for children with special medical needs.

Service Highlights
* ability to provide clinical assessment and assign DSM IV diagnosis
* ability to put together a treatment team to effectively address behavioral and

Emotional issues with the child and the family
* develop an Individual Treatment Plan within 30 days
* minimum weekly on-site visits by professional staff
* regular, detailed reporting of progress toward stated outcomes

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